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My uncle is an unacademy teacher and he wanted to hire someone to create notes for his classes. He hired a full time staff but he had no knowledge or experience. This is because experienced ones were demanding high salary.

He trained him several days but even after training a lot he asks even the smallest thing from my uncle. My uncle was so frustated and wanted to solve this problem.

He asked me to do his work. Since I was interested in laptop. After working with him for several months I realized that there are a lot of teachers like my uncle who are in the same situation. 

I asked myself, Is there any way to solve problem of hundreds of teachers by myself? Can I help them? And these questions led to what I am doing now.

Vijay Verma - Founder of VijTech Media
Vijay Verma


Fun Days of My life - Vijay Verma

Childhood of Vijay Verma!

In about 2015, 7 yrs old me was going somewhere with my father, asking questions like why sky is so high, why can we not touch air, so and so. And accidentally I found a pen drive on the road.
Back then, my father was working on a mobile repairing shop, he asked me to give this pen drive to him. And, In exchange I asked him to let me use his laptop.
After that My father kept on teaching me and I kept on learning more and more. I want to thank my dad for who I am, and everything I am doing in my life.

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